Continue To Be Agents Of Change, AYK Encourages Teachers


Ogbeni Akano Yaya Kayode (AYK) has called on Teachers to continue to act as agents of positive change and transformation for the nation to achieve its goals.

According to the APC Chairmanship aspirant, teachers work harder in impacting useful knowledge, discipline and patriotism to the younger generation.

‘’On this year’s Teachers’ Day, I hereby congratulate all teachers, past and present to continue to give their utmost in achieving our education goals..

“I’m calling for effective teachers, who assume ownership of the classroom, invest time with students and work creatively for their success.

‘’Indeed, I’m making a call for teachers both in service and out of service, to act as agents of positive change and transformation for our dear state and nation,’’ he said.

AYK commended Governor Abiodun noting that the governor this time last year reinstated two governors that were sacked by his predecessor. He said the gesture was not only to encourage the teachers in the state, but it was the right thing to do.

He equally enjoined teachers and other union leaders to be moderate in their approach while agitating from government, saying our labour unions and associations to always show understanding in their agitations as no meaningful results can be achieved in an atmosphere of rancor and discord”.


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