COVID-19: Don’t Wait To See Dead Bodies To Believe — NMA President


President of the Nigeria Medical Association, Professor Innocent Ujah, has urged Nigerians to take the restriction of COVID-19 spread seriously and not wait to see dead bodies on the streets before they believe that it exists.

Ujah said this on Monday when he appeared as a guest on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily in response to those saying COVID-19 in Nigeria is a hoax because people are not dropping dead on the streets.

“If we are waiting for people to die on the road before we intervene, then there is no need to have doctors.

“We have what we call preventive medicine. We want to prevent, we don’t want people to die. Doctors are trained not to be looking for dead people. Doctors are trained to prevent people from dying.

“How many people have Nigerians seen dying even in the hospital, not to talk about a situation where the whole world is on its knees because of COVID? So, that statement, I think, is largely for those who are illiterates,” Ujah said.

Calling on Nigerians to adhere seriously to restriction measures, he said, “Nobody should have the illusion that COVID-19 does not exist. Even policymakers are making statements that COVID-19 does not exist. It’s very painful when the whole world is on its knees because of COVID-19 and somebody will come out and say that it does not exist.”


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