Dr. Anthony Omolola: A Medical Doctor Or Philanthropic Doctor


By Oriyomi Oloyede Daniel

The challenges and struggle we face in life, most times do not give much room for a person to do any job aside your professional job. Yes, some are blessed with great energy and wisdom to do more than a particular job or task in life.

We all know medical doctors as a physician, medical practitioner, medical personnel or simply doctor. A professional who practises medicine, which is concerned with promoting, maintaining, or restoring health through the study, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of disease, injury, and other physical and mental impairments.

In reality, We are all familiar with medical doctors, some who are personal or family doctors but are we familiar with philanthropic doctors? Doctors who are embodiment of selflessness. They care more about the people’s health rather than the financial charges, doctors who take cut of bills to treat patients, doctors who cherish lives more than wealth, doctors who gives to the needy and vulnerable with their incomes. Am sure we haven’t seen much of such doctors.

It was a lucky day for me in my life to have met a medical doctor who also is a philanthropist, the Chief Medical Doctor of St Raphael Hospital Lagos, Dr. Anthony Omolola.

Dr. Anthony Omolola, a generous medical expert, great physician, an enigma, a lover of youth, lover of students and friend of the masses. For the few times spent with Dr. Anthony, I have discovered his desire to give excellent and best health service to people. His passion to give affordable health care services to people, his passion to develop our nation through his professionalism can never be overemphasize.

More so, with quality health care service system, state of the art medical equipment and facility, Dr. Anthony Omolola has made Nigerians proud by making his hospital one of the most sophisticated technologically advanced Hospital in the country and the world at large.

His philanthropist gesture is distinctive, he provide job opportunities to youth outside medical profession, he recommend for contracts, he gives empowerment to youths and students, he’s also a mentor to different groups and organizations.

Dr. Anthony gives leadership trainings to young Nigerians to prepare them for the task ahead of them, he’s a man with great wealth of experience.

I would have suggested we have Dr. Anthony Omolola in the top seat of government in his state or Nigeria, I am well assured of an amazing performance from such a credible man.


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