Horoscope Today, September 28, 2020: Scorpio, Aries, Gemini; read astrology prediction for all zodiac signs


Wondering what Monday has in store for you? Aries, Capricorn, Sagittarius and others are going to have a good day. Read astrology prediction below.

With every new day, we all like to get better with our decisions and long to see certain situations change. Sometimes we get shook by the variables in life and it instantly puts us in a position where we’re just left heartbroken and alone. Getting a glimpse of what is going to happen, helps us to look forward and make better plans for our future. Read today’s astrology prediction and know what is going to happen in tomorrow.

Horoscope Today, September 28, 2020

If you are getting business orders today, then they are going to be profitable. You might also be quite proactive on the work front. You may be busy in your work, it may make you mentally tired. It affects your domestic life.

Taurus Horoscope Apr 21 – May 21

You are going to perform well at your workplace. You might be able to complete your postponed projects on time. Also, you are going to invest your money in the right place. Those seeking jobs are going to get a new one.

Gemini Horoscope May 22 – Jun 21

Don’t take life as a burden. Try to enjoy it. When situations get tough, take a break and try to recuperate. You might face some difficulties at work but receive blessings from elders as it will help you get out of any tough circumstance.

Cancer Horoscope Jun 22 – Jul 22

You are going to be a victim of mood swings. Your emotions will take the best of you. You might make silly mistakes at work which will confuse you about when to finish your work. Those who are in a relationship will be in an area of uncertainty.

Leo Horoscope Jul 23 – Aug 23

You will be able to maintain a balance between your earnings and expenditure. Create a network to help you implement your plants. If you have any siblings, they are going to be of great help today.

Virgo Horoscope Aug 24 – Sep 22

Your energy level is going to be way high. You will be happy and have an optimistic approach to life. You will be able to fulfil your desires by working hard. You might plan an outing with your friends and family members.

Libra Horoscope Sep 23 – Oct 23

The first half of the day doesn’t seem to be in your favour. However, the rest of the day will slowly and gradually change which will boost your self-confidence. Sometimes, you may face self-respect issues with a spouse, need to keep patience to avoid to convert happy moments into bad moments. Love birds will plan for short trips.

Scorpio Horoscope Oct 24 – Nov 22

If you think you can manage your finances, then try not to overspend as this habit of yours will affect your savings. You need to be careful while expressing yourself in wor. You need to avoid lending money frequently without credibility.

Sagittarius Horoscope Nov 23 – Dec 21

You will manage to have peace of mind. If you’re planning on investing some capital in any business, it is likely to thrive. Your earnings may boost your financial health. You may enjoy romantic moments with your spouse, which may enhance harmony in family life. Singles may likely to find a suitable match. Love birds may take the decision to get married.

Capricorn Horoscope Dec 22 – Jan 20

Today you may be very happy. At the workplace, your bosses will be quite impressed with your work. You are likely to have some changes in your position at work and might end up getting more responsibilities.

Aquarius Horoscope Jan 21 – Feb 18

You are blessed by the moon. Last week’s crunch is now over. With the help of your subordinates, you may be able to initiate your postponed works.

Pisces Horoscope Feb 19 – Mar 20

You might feel a bit dull and may have some health issues. You are advised to postpone any decisions relating to investments and other business angles. You are likely to face losses in the business. Your gains may likely to convert into loses.


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