How Writing Made Me A 30-Minutes Celebrity On Campus – Samuel Opadeji


Sometimes last month, my usual routine as always been to visit the HND 2 lecture hall for one reason or the other, either to attend official meetings therein, see a sister or see some of my bosses on campus as one who needs one.

I never knew my writing prowess would make me a celebrity one day, but on that sane day, like I always do, I got to the class, on a chitchat with some of the bosses, and this beautiful lady came around, cut in between the ongoing conversation, then; she asked “Are you Samuel”? I answered Yes, she asked again, you look very much like Opadeji Rachael Olubisi, are you her brother? I answered Yes, by then, the little group of bosses I’m on a conversation with as typically increased in quite much numbers, then she asked the major question she really intended to ask, she asked; “Shey oun kan ni bobo yen to ma ko poem ati stories” (Ain’t you the guy who writes poems and stories?) I was a backed at first, not at the question asked, but at the prowess she used in qualifying me, cause that will virtually be the very first time I will be meeting her, then, I answered Yes, I am. She came up with this smiling face and energetic attitude like she has seen a celebrity, I smiled internally and externally, that I’m gradually becoming a celebrity. On that point, many came around to hype me with almost all of the everything I belong to on campus, as I exchanged contacts with some who’d love to be a writer, but doesn’t know how to go about it.

Few hours later, I went to meet her and asked a question, probably because I’m sometimes always inquisitive sequel to the fact that I’m a campus journalist, so I asked, how do you know I’m a poet and a writer? She said, I’ve read your works online, and also in some magazines which she mentioned some, of which my work truly featured in, she gave a piece of advice and recommendations, ever since then, writing has made me a celebrity on campus, as I bagged various awards & certificates in various writing units few days away, awards & certificates that can make one’s curriculum vitae smile at the employer.

P:S – Cast your fears, believe in yourself, whatever you know how to do best, do it well, for there’s no limit to what you can achieve.


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