I’ll Love Igbo Presidency But Democracy Is A Game of Number – Tunde Bakare


Bakare said this in an Instagram Live session interview with publisher of Ovation Magazine, Dele Momodu.

His statement came as a response to what his take was on Igbo presidency. He said those from South Eastern Nigeria need to understand that they must look for a way to form an alliance to realise the hope of having an Igbo president.

“Democracy is a ruthless game of number. For as long as we practice politics the way we do and majority will carry the vote, it will very difficult for anyone whether it’s in the north-central, northeast, south-south. If you don’t have the number, you cannot become president of Nigeria.” Bakare said in the interview that was conducted over a phone call.

“My take on this is let us practice what I call value-added politics, politics of breakthrough where any citizen that is competent and any citizen that has what it takes regardless of whether he’s from the south-east or south-west, let him be in charge of our affairs. Honestly, my eyes have seen it, I participated in it. President Buhari was having over a million vote every time but he did not become president of Nigeria until the merger took place.”

He said with the way the country is structured, what is needed is a ‘handshake’ between the north and south.

“The Igbos are my brothers and sisters, God bless them, I love them and I care about them. They should also come to mainstream politics because APGA as a party cannot win a presidential election in Nigeria. Yes, every citizen of this country can aspire to that position regardless of ethnic personality and I will be too glad to see an Igbo president but let us always remember that democracy is a ruthless game of number and if you don’t have the number you cannot continue to shout marginalization, you should join mainstream politics and find a way of reaching out to others to form some kind of alliance or merger that will produce victory at the poll.”


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