NANS Urges Students To “Calm Down” As They Celebrate Sallah


The National Association of Nigerian Students South West Zone under the leadership of Comrade Kappo Samuel Olawale felicitates with all Muslim Nigerian Students on this year’s celebration of Eid al-Adha. He urges all Nigerian Students to make the fear of God the foundation for their lives.

The Deputy Coordinator NANS South West Zone, Comrade Oladimeji Uthman “DAN FODIO” congratulats all Muslim faithfuls for witnessing this year sallah celebration. He particularly congratulates all Muslim Nigerian Students on this glorious occasion as we also profusely thank the Almighty God for keeping us alive to witness this year’s Eid-el-Kabir.

“As Muslim faithfuls, we are very cognizant of the fact that the relevance of the Eid-el-Kabir festival is for us to engage in a religious act of devotion meant to inculcate in us the Islamic virtues of uprightness, obedience, sacrifice, piety and faith in the will of Almighty Allah. We urged all Muslim Nigerian Students to imbibe the lessons of sacrifice made by Prophet Ibrahim and work for the unity and progress of the nation.

“As we celebrate, I beseech you all to ingest the lessons which promotes the spirit of charity, piety, emancipation, the promotion of religious harmony, amicability, impartial leadership and true justice for all.
I urge all Nigerian Students not to relent in our efforts to showing genuine love and respect for one another.

Comrade Dan Fodio appreciates the various religious establishments for their support towards the government’s preventive measures efforts for the festivities.

“We urged all Nigerian Students to see the pandemic as a test from almighty God which requires a combination of faith in the almighty, collective discipline and a determination to defeat the common enemy by everyone adhering to the protocols that would lead to the flattening of the curve. We should also see the present predicament as a call to get closer to God through humility, respect and love for our neighbours.

The Deputy Coordinator charged all Nigerian Students to calm down and continue to pray for the government, the military who are saddled with the responsibility to end insurgency, adding that the peace and socio-economic development of our nation remains paramount. Also, he appreciated the health workers who are at the forefront on fighting the global pandemic.

While urging the members to stay in tune with governments’ directives on ways to stop the spread of COVID-19. Comrade Dan Fodio urged all Muslim Students to keep praying fervently to Almighty Allah, (the Lord of all the world) to completely eradicate this killer virus from the world.

He also urged all Nigerian Students to imbibe all safety measures and precautionary protocols of COVID-19 as they celebrate the festival and afterwards adding that they should shun social vices as contained in the holy books and such are not only detrimental to the individuals well-being on the long run but harm the fabric of society in various ways.

“We must therefore see this period as a time that presents us the viable opportunity to think about how we can help the people that surrounds us. This year’s commemoration of Eid-el-Kabir comes amid the grip with which COVID-19 has held the entire world,” he added.

He further emphasised that, this is a better time for everyone to unite together and eschew bitterness along ethnic and religious lines, adding that no challenge is insurmountable where unity of purpose thrives. In this pandemic time, we have to be united than before. He enjoined all Muslim Students to rekindle their faith in Allah who gave Prophet Ibrahim the strength to sacrifice. The privileged ones amongst us should calm down and be kind, generous and considerate of the socially and economically disadvantaged ones amongst us, so that Allah may continue to show his calmness, kindness and compassion unto us as a people and the society in which we live as prescribed by Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

While wishing all Nigerian Students a happy Eid-el-Kabir celebration, Comrade Dan Fodio enjoined all members of NANS to continue their unending support for Comrade Kappo Samuel Olawale administration so as to credibly represent all Nigerian Students in the Southwest region while students-developmental projects and comfortability would be achieved.

Comrade Dan Fodio concluded by admonishing all Nigerian Students to keep observing the safety measures put in place by the government, global health experts and world leaders such as using of nose masks, obeying social distancing order, application of sanitizers cum regular washing of hands with sanitary soaps etc.

“On behalf of all Nigerian Students in the Zone, I wish the entire Muslim Ummah in Nigeria a beautiful, peaceful, joyous, blissful and stupendous Eid-el-Kabir celebration.


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