Notable Prophecies Of Popular Prophets On US 2020 Presidential Election


This report is about the notable prophecies of Popular Prophets On US 2020 Presidential Election

The United states of America (USA) will be holding her presidential election tomorrow Tuesday, 3rd of November 2020 and there have been several postulations about it, most especially from popular prophets across the world.

Some of the prophets according to Sahara weekly NG  who have talked about it include Prophet TB Joshua, Primate Ayodele, Prophet Bempah, Allan Lichtman, and others.

  1. TB Joshua: Prophet TB Joshua didn’t categorically state that a particular candidate will win the election but he spoke in parables, in his prophecy, he said ‘Nothing will change’ and many have interpreted this as saying Donald Trump will retain his seat

‘What is happening in the American election is as a result of the power in the tongue. The word we speak determines the life we enjoy (Proverbs 6:2). The tongue can either work for us or against us – death and life lie in the tongue (Proverbs 18:21).

We Christians would have loved it to go the way we wanted. But the Bible says it is never proper to base our faith on our improvement after prayer. We should not worry. The joy is that the new Supreme Court Judge, Amy Coney Barrett, will be an instrument of check.

Finally, let us learn how to believe that God hears us when we pray – it is a much greater blessing. There is likely going to be pockets of resistance here and there but nothing will change. Let me reserve what I am seeing until the inauguration of the new president.

  1. Prophet Bempah : He is an Abuja based Prophet who also comments on political issues in Nigeria. In his own prophecy, He stated that Donald Trump will win during a chat with media practitioners in Abuja

‘Donald Trump is God ordain candidate for the election despite all odds by the opposition,  president Trump will win the election, President Trump believes in God and has been listening to God  directives  throughout his first tenure and because God has not finish with what he wanted to do in America, Donald Trump will comeback to put finish torch to some of the major policy of that God owns country

God loves America so much,, and Donald Trump is a true Christian, who fears God and worship him in truth and in spirit.

With the kind of change Donald Trump has brought to America, God has chosen him again to complete the good job he started four year ago’’

  1. Allan Lichtman: Although he isn’t a prophet, but He is known for his accurate predictions on outcome of elections in the United states. According to information, He has been correctly predicting outcome of elections for over 15 years. According to him, He predicts that Joe Biden will win the election

‘’ Now that Trump is the incumbent, he has seven Keys against him,” Lichtman explained to Fox News, compared to the six Keys in his favor in 2016. “My prediction is that Donald Trump will become the first sitting president since George H. W. Bush in 1992 to lose a reelection bid, and Joe Biden will become the next president of the United States.”

  1. Primate Ayodele: Amongst all the prophecies and predictions, Primate Ayodele’s own has been described by many to be top notch. Primate Ayodele is well known for his accurate prophecies and constant advices and warnings to political situations in nations.

On the politics of the united states, Primate Ayodele adviced the Democratic Party in 2019 to choose Joe Biden as its candidate if they want to unseat trump in the election which they did.

‘The only candidate who can unseat President Donald Trump if he decided to recontest is the Vice President during the time of President Barack Obama, Joseph Biden.”

Following this, He also adviced Joe Biden on the choice of his running mate if he wants victory in the coming election.

‘“Those that can make him win are Kamala Harris, Gretchen Whitemer, Tammy Baldwin and Michelle Obama, if he can choose between them he will be victorious. Democrats will take over from Republicans,’’

At the end of the day, Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris, according to the advice of Primate Ayodele.

Furthermore, on the election outcome, Primate Ayodele, unlike other prophet adviced Donald Trump and Joe Biden on what to do to ensure victory for them.

‘’ “Donald Trump will come back with a big strategy and scandal three weeks to the election, hence the need for a very strategic planning

‘Joe Biden must focus and work on the mistakes of Donald Trump to be victorious. He must not relax at any time because Trump will come up with a very strong strategy three weeks to the election and it can give him victory but if he can stand very firm, he will be victorious.

Donald Trump can win the forthcoming presidential election in the country if he re-strategizes and do what is proper’’

However, yesterday, in a live service, Primate Ayodele gave an analysis of how Joe Biden can unseat Donald Trump in the elections.

‘‘Joe  Biden should not rejoice yet if at all He is leading in any part of the country according to the polls, Trump still has some technicality to come ahead of Joe Biden unless Joe Biden uses Trump weakness to defeat him and work seriously on the electoral college and some states that include Ohaio, California, pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Colorado.

Mark my word, If Joe Biden loses in these states, He will lose the election to Donald Trump at the end of the day.

If Joe Biden doesn’t strategize all of these, Trump will come back, He has a lot to do to win Trump, he has to be more radical in his campaign before the election in order to unseat Trump.

Joe Biden has all it takes to defeat Trump but he has to be more radical than before otherwise Trump will still come back. He must take election serious, He must use his weakness against him or else Trump will come back.

If Joe Biden doesn’t cover up the electoral college and other processes, Trump will come back, He is ready to come back as the President, All the campaign Joe Biden is leading is Drama, He needs to be more serious in his approaches

For Trump, He should work very hard to retain the seat or else, Joe Biden will win him. Trump will make efforts on technical ground to win the election’

Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy on the election outcome is not the same narrative as others, He has been able to advice both parties on what to do that can ensure victory for them, which simply means anyone that doesn’t follow the instructions will end up losing out.

culled from SaharaWeekly


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