Our City Prospered After We Gave The Key To Prophet TB Joshua – Colombian Mayor


Dr Juan Garcia, the former Mayor of Barranquilla, the fourth largest city in Colombia, South America, has testified that the city has seen remarkable progress and advancement ever since the key of the city was symbolically given to Prophet TB Joshua in Lagos, Nigeria.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Emmanuel TV, the former Mayor testified alongside Pastor Jorge Freyle of ‘Iglesia Vida Abundante’ about the impact of Joshua’s prayers on his city.

“We can see the development of this beautiful city since 2007 when the Mayor Dr Juan Garcia gave us the key of the city and we immediately gave it to Jesus Christ. I went to Lagos, Nigeria and gave the key of the city to Prophet TB Joshua. Since then, the city has changed because of the prayer of the prophet,” Freyle explained.

The pastor revealed enormous development including refurbished sports centres, the construction of new highways and a 12,000-seater conference centre, alongside a palpable sense of calm in the city amidst the security challenges faced by Colombia as a nation.

“We want to thank God for the life of TB Joshua because since we gave the key of this city to him, the city has experienced a supernatural change,” he affirmed.

Dr Garcia added that he personally met the Nigerian cleric during his ‘crusade’ in Cali, Colombia in 2014.

“I had the blessing to personally meet Prophet TB Joshua. As a mayor, I presented the key of the city to the church. Today, we can see the impact of this… Only God made this possible. This city is changing,” he acknowledged.

“I recognise that there are different levels in ministry and acknowledge the superior spiritual authorities that God is using… We are so grateful to the ministry for Prophet TB Joshua, The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV,” Pastor Freyle concluded, asking Joshua to continue in his prayer for the city.

Dr Garcia concluded by echoing Freyle’s call and extending an invitation to the Nigerian cleric to visit Barranquilla. “We wait for you with open arms so you can see the city you prayed for,” he stated.

Joshua’s 2014 crusade in Cali, Colombia was attended by over 50,000 people, filling the Pascal Guererro Olympic Stadium.

He also held large crusades in Peru, Mexico, Paraguay and Dominican Republic. His Spanish YouTube channel has nearly 600,000 subscribers, highlighting the popularity of the cleric in Latin America.

VIDEO – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0a1u5EgmYQw


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