Primate Ayodele Reveals 5 Negative Things That Will Happen To Buhari In 2021


The Spiritual leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elisha Ayodele has revealed five negative things that will happen to President Muhammadu Buhari in 2021.

Primate Ayodele disclosed this in his latest warning to the nation released last week.

The Prophet known for accurate prophesies on local and global issues predicted that Buhari will be sick again and his government will lose focus in 2021.

Below are five negative things that will happen to Buhari

1. Buhari will be sick. But they will be shielding it from public knowledge to protect him

2. Buhari Government will lose focus and Buhari himself will not understand the rules and how to steer the reins of the government

3.Buhari will be incapable of so many things

4. Buhari will be unfit

5. The cause of the sickness will be his inability to direct the affairs of the country that is what the Lord reveals to me

He also warned that kidnappings iwill happen n the Aso Rock, noting that the Villa needs cleansing.

”The Villa needs cleansing because there will be fights in the villa. I foresee that some important documents will leak out of the Villa. There will be Classified Official leakages from the Villa. Let’s pray not to lose anybody in the Villa. Aso Villa must be fortified against attacks. There will be speculations of attacks in the villa. Protests will be directed at the Aso Villa because protocols will be broken.” Primate Ayodele stated.

”Nigeria and Buhari government
I foresee a lot of loopholes in the Buhari Government that will disqualify all efforts the government might have been making for the past years.
There will be clash in the house. I foresee senators engaging in physical combat. A mace will be stolen in the House of Assembly in one of the states in Nigeria.’


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