RichLife Africa set to unveil project to conquer hunger in Nigeria, Africa


One of the leading social entrepreneurship business model, RichLife Africa has introduced a project tagged ‘Project Save The Hungry’ to feed well meaning Nigerians who can not afford three square meals in the country and beyond.

In a press conference with the company’s Chairman, Bernard Modestus said he is committed to conquer hunger and eliminate poverty from Nigeria as a private citizen.

Making references to data from Human Development Index, HDI, Bernard pointed out how hard it is for many Nigerians to go to bed without food or water.
He explained that hunger and poverty form critical elements that breed criminality in the system.

According to him, “I am inspired to defile the odds and conquer hunger,” he promised.
To achieve this, Bernard, an Italian trained chef, disclosed that in a matter of weeks, a programme called “Eat and Grow Rich” would commence.

The programme, he said, would involve students across tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

“RichLife Africa project was incorporated in 2017. The idea to save the hungry began with the pandemic. We intend to make free food available to hungry Nigerians just the way God made air free for human kind,” Bernard promised.

Furthermore, Bernard said “Project Save the Hungry will work with 100,000 students. N10 billion would be raised through strategic contests, fun and entertainment. There will be votes. 100 million votes would be required to complete the circle. A vote costs N100. In the end, 200 students will get N5 million each. The overall winner will get N100 million.

“Richlife will not only conquer hunger but will arrest youth idleness through this robust engagement. There are consultants that will help winners to invest and become successful entrepreneurs.”

To feed hungry Nigerians free, Bernard stressed that “50 percent of the N10 billion will be utilized for free feeding using agents called ‘Evangelists’ as distributors.”

He added that “30 percent would be expended on the channels deployed in raising the funds while 20 percent goes to Richlife Africa Project.”

Bernard who commenced ‘Uncle Bernard Food’ in 2014 further stated that “The well prepared food for the hungry will be 100 percent made in Nigeria. No foreign content,” he assured.

Happening at a time Nigerians are reviewing food sufficiency ideas and concepts as the country clocks 60, Richlife Africa Project, described as a ‘social enterprise’ with mission to fight against poverty by creating employment, developing and empowering Nigerians and Africans, may just be the solution.


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