Take your place, Africa’s in dire need of true and honest leaders – Tokunbo Wahab charges Nigerian youths


We need to look inward and retrace our steps. We all can see and feel it. Those of us who think God is coming to save us from the hands of our elected and appointed leaders should wake up from their dreams.

We must first make efforts to liberate ourselves from the grip of the voluptuous beasts we have in government at all levels from the streets to the wards and to the top , then God will crown our efforts with success.

The religious people in our midst should know that religion is the greatest enemy of Africa! The religious leaders are the beasts devouring the African people in connivance with politicians, church , mosques and politics are the biggest industries in Africa.

I want to say this, though I know we all are aware of it: It is not correct that Europe and America have abandoned God. No! What Europe and America have done, including Russia is to place less emphasis on religion because of its deceitful tenets, they have incorporated the spirits and letters of the scripture into their laws. I will give some examples: The scripture says we must provide for the poor, the widows, orphans, fatherless, etc. in compliance with that injunction, Europe and America have in their laws social securities. You’re out of job, you file for unemployment benefits. You must not be out of school because you cannot afford the fees, quality education is free to secondary school level. At university level, if you can’t pay, all you have to do is to apply for student loan at the commencement of every session. You will pay back after graduation when you get a job. By the time you clock forty years old, if you have not earned enough to pay off your student loans it would be written off. The government has shelter for those who are homeless and adults who have no relative to care for them are attended to in care homes. The government foot the burial bills if you die poor without means. Health care is free. You stay at home and call emergency lines and ambulance comes to ferry you to the hospital, animals inclusive.

Now, remember the scripture also says during harvest seasons, you must not reap your fields to the edge. You must leave some crops over some metres to the edge of the field. The crops are for immigrants, the poor and orphans to reap and feed so that nobody would go hungry and curse God in their hearts. In compliance, in Europe and America, there are legal provisions for the welfare of immigrants. They are usually paid stipends for some years and accommodated too, to enable them find their feet and settle into the system. The scripture says employers must pay living wage and the wage must not be left overnight. In compliance, Europe and America pay living wages. In Nigeria some lawyers are paid N70, 000. per month!

I am saying gentlemen, is that Europe and America have written the scriptures into their laws. Africa talks about the scripture but never practice the injunction contained in it.
The religious leaders are demonic. They have no regards for God and his scriptures. They keep acquiring treasures here on Earth while they tell their blind followers to forget about the world and put their hope in heaven.
In conclusion, Africa is in dire need of leadership and honest managers. Except the youths stand up and revolt against the status quo, the political brigandage will continue while religious leaders continue to cash in on the wrotten system. Yes, Nigeria needs us all … let us start getting involved in service and public service else, we don’t have the moral pedestal to question the status quo and GOD will not come down to do it for us….let me close my submission with the quote from Sisulu (my favorite quote from my Uniben Days)” there is alternative to bondage, there is alternative to volunteered slavery, every policy under the sky has an alternative and every bondsman have on his palms the means to end his captivity…

Have a blessed sunday and a Covid free week everyone.

Hon. Tokunbo Wahab Esq.

SA on Education to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu


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