UPDATE: Holland coach Ronald Koeman says he feels very healthy after heart surgery


Ronald Koeman says he is feeling “very healthy” following the “shock” of requiring emergency heart treatment after he felt unwell at the weekend.

The Netherlands manager was rushed to hospital on Sunday and had surgery after suffering from chest pains following a cycle ride in Amsterdam with his wife Bartina.

However the former Barcelona defender was confirmed at the time by agent Rob Jansen to be in a stable condition, and he has now spoken for the first time about the incident after being released from hospital.

Koeman wrote on Twitter:

“That was quite a shock, last weekend. For me, but above that for my family and friends. Thankfully the doctors helped me swiftly and amazingly and I’m very grateful for that. You get very humble from an event like this.

“It was great to see how many people were moved. I’m thankful for all the sweet messages from people I know and from clubs, but also from people I have never met. That strengthened me and I’m very thankful for that.”

“At this moment I feel very healthy. That means I will continue my work with full strength, as soon as the ball starts rolling again. Again: thanks for all the support. We’ll see each other soon.”

The 57-year-old would have been expecting to be making preparations for the European Championships this summer, however they have been delayed for a year following the outbreak of coronavirus.


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