Why We Don’t Provide Condom For Our Guests – Lagos Hotel Operators


Some hotel operators in Lagos say they don’t provide condoms for their customers in order not to encourage sexual immorality in their facilities.

They told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on the awareness of the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, that the basic functions of any hotel is to provide shelter and comfort to customers.

NAN investigation also showed that in some hotels visited in Lagos, many operators were not providing condoms for their customers, claiming it was not part of the services they are rendering.

In his comments, Mr Idris Adenekan, said the basic function of any hotel was to give rooms and ensure comfort of their customers and not provide condoms.

Adenkan said, though, he was aware of the prevalence of the virus, the safety of customers rest solely on their shoulders.

According to him, customers should be the ones to provide whatever he or she want to use in the hotel, apart from the basic things which the hotel should provide.

He said that it was the duty of a hotel to provide toiletries, among other things, but certainly not to give condoms.

“Is it every customer that come to a hotel that want to have sex ?

“Some customers have preference in everything that they use; if you give them condoms, they may say it is cheap and then, they will not use,” he said.

The hotelier said that condoms were supposed to be tagged under private life usage.

He said some customers don’t like to talk about their sex life or whatever happened behind the closed doors, adding that it was purely a private life behind closed doors.

Adenekan said that presenting condoms to customers might even be embarrassing to some of them.

He said some customers who are siblings would like to lodge together because they don’t have enough cash; so, presenting condoms to such people might feel embarrassed and angered them.

The hotel operator said that the function of any hotel should be to provide shelter and comfort, not to encourage act of immorality.

In Badagry, Mr Tunde Kadiri, the Managing Director of Always Cool Spot in Badagry, said the use of condoms was still common for the protection of people that come for short-time room in the spot.

According to Kadiri, most people that come here always come with condoms to protect themselves against diseases or unwanted pregnancy.

“On many occasions, the lady will bring condoms with her, but if the man did not like the type, he will buy from us here, because my wife sells condoms. It is N100 per packet.

“At times, lady and man will ask for a particular type of condoms, and if we don’t have, they will buy from the chemist.

“There are occasions when some of them will prefer to do without the use of condoms, because they are familiar with one another.

“Here, we don’t force anyone to use condoms, they have their lives to live. If they want to use condom, they are free to use it, if they don’t want, it is their life,” he said.


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